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March tarot reading

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

This post was translated with Google translate. Sorry for the remaining mistakes.

Look at the photo and choose the stone or figurine that speaks to you the most. Click on the arrow to the right of the photo to discover the cards corresponding to your choice, then scroll down the page to find its interpretation.

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First reading, the amethyst.

You are overfull. Overfull of emotions or thoughts. You feel confused and lack clarity. The Tower of La Maison.Dieu, instead of bringing your vibration up, pulls you down and empties you of your energy. You have lost your sovereignty. “What to do as soon as possible? Set boundaries. Close doors! Say no. Say stop.” There is a need to put distance with this overflow, to find a base, a balance. You must adopt a posture of firmness towards this, because your energy implores you as a necessity. Take on fewer things if possible; delegate everything you can. And if it is not possible, at least do not accept anything more! Try to gain height. Sort out what is really important from what is not and for which you could pay less attention. Your goal for the month? Reconnect to your organic energy. That is to say the part of you that is connected to its essential, instinctive, and even animal nature.

Visualize a doe frolicking freely in a meadow. Feel its well-being, its naturalness. It is towards this state that you must tend.

You need to feel the sap circulating within you again, and to reconnect with this flow which boosts you, which lights you up, which awakens your creativity. This energy is also sexual. Let your desires, your needs, your instincts express themselves in all their forms. Your whole being is asking you for it.


Second reading, the japanese doll

That's it, the year has finally really started for you. Its beginning may not have been easy, and I wouldn't be surprised if some things still weigh on you today. But there it is. 2023, here we are! You finally have the energy to fully embark on this new year. So much the better, because the sequel awaits you, and it is in some respects, challenging.


You will have to let go, let yourself fall into the void without resisting. You can't do anything against the transforming power around you. Don't try to maintain control. Think of the serpent molting, to leave behind its old skin and venture outside clothed in its new self.

It's OK. Everything's good. You had a great need to put down what no longer serves you, in order to move forward lighter.

After that, you will face your wild self. It draws its energy from your guts. He has such a beautiful madness that wishes to create, procreate, express itself in all directions, driven by limitless freedom and constantly reinventing itself. Go for it ! Roar, dance on the tables, run naked through the woods! Live this unlimited expression of yourself.

And above all, oh yes above all, let those others who have a judgment on you face to face with their opinions. Leave them on the bench and go play on the field. Look at them with love, while you walk away cheerfully. They don't have that power to diminish you.


Third reading, the transparent quartz

Congratulations, you have already come so far. You can recognize the peace within you. You have learned to look at your wounds and turn them into strength. You have felt in your flesh what it is to "trust life." It is no longer you who go to the future but the future that comes to you.

This month, dive in. Dive into your essence. Drop your barriers, your resistances, to let your true being cross you. You will experience a deep connection to yourself, a sense of accomplishment.

This vibration is pure, authentic. Take the opportunity to fully radiate self-love.

If difficult situations arise, return to this space of connection to your essence. You will be able from this place to regain height and put these events in their rightful place (that is to say: nothing that can threaten your completeness and invulnerability).

At the end of March, spring will be here. Let yourself be infused by its sap that runs through you. There is new momentum to be seized here. This connection felt in recent weeks offers you a new way of acting, both more relaxed and more voluntary, more confident and more effective. You allow yourself to follow your intuitions and your deep desires to create your present, and thus in joy, your future. May the sacred fire be with you :-)

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