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Transforming you is a choice,
choosing you is a journey.

The tarot

After more than a decade working with tarot, that tool keeps fascinating me. I still cannot explain with the magic which make the cards set together to deliver with such accuracy and subtlety, the messages of the invisible. 

They are a support to communicate with some parts of yourself, with your soul and sometimes with your guides, an angel, some ancestors…

Sometimes the cards make me laugh, they express themselves with a lot of humor.

Sometimes they move me and move you to tears.

Sometimes they tell your anger, or help the child in you to speak.

But they always, always show us the way through healing, transformation and self realization.

The tarot has that power to connect us to our deep self, our essence and our life mission. 


Family constellations

For me, constellations are the best tool to work one oneself. 

I had the opportunity to experiment o lot of therapies, with more or less results. But constellations…! Such subtlety, such power, such efficiency!

With one session, you get an immediate transformation and realignment. You get back to a peaceful space, the futur opens and the reality looks changed. And the best part is that you can constellate everything! Family links, traumas, issues, objectives, symptoms, addictions… Everything.

Sometimes we even discover loyalties or weights that belong to our genealogy tree, and that unconsciously passed from generation to generation. The constellation has that ability to release them. 

Since it allow us to go get the informations contained in the unconscious or the invisible, and to show where the blockage, the wound or the deficit are, but also where your key ressources remain. 

How? By representing at the outside what is inside or in the invisible. This with the help of figurines, or people we are doing it with a group. What couldn’t be expressed can finally be told and freed. 

During the session, a few words or moves became powerful healers. 

The healing is profound, liberator. It gives you your rightful place back, in your family, in your world, and in your life.

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