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1/2 Soul tarot in english

2 of the 4th subject seen in the complete soul tarot

  • 1 10 min
  • 110 euros
  • Online, or in Brussels : rue de Suède 8, 1060 Saint-Gilles

Description du service

In this reading, we will see 2 of the 4 subjects we explore in the complete soul tarot reading, and also where you are right now in your life cycle and where you are heading too. You can either choose the subjects, or we can let the tarot decide which subjects are the best for you. Soul tarot is not divination. It is a powerful tool to know yourself and reconnect to your true nature and full potential. That reading puts clarity and your present situation and shows the dynamics of the futur. It also put light on the challenges and keys to go forward and free yourself. It gives meaning to your present situation and helps you reconnect to your confidence in life.

Politique d'annulation

Pour annuler ou reporter, votre demande doit être faite au moins 48h à l'avance You can cancel or reschedule until 48h before the session



Bruxelles, Belgique

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