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April tarot reading

This post was translated with Google translate. Sorry for the remaining mistakes.

Look at the photo and choose the stone or figurine that speaks to you the most. Click on the arrow to the right of the photo to discover the cards corresponding to your choice, then scroll down the page to find its interpretation.

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First reading, the doll

A transformation, a letting go is required this month, to achieve an accomplishment. But beware: this accomplishment is neither professional nor personal. And when I say personal, I mean your social being. Or, if we look at it from the Buddhist perspective: from the ego.

Fulfillment here concerns your being, your essence. And we invite you to question yourself.

It's like being told: Are you sure that your peace will come through this life realization that you imagined?

And I see two things forming a polarity:

On the one hand, I feel you are determined towards a goal of self-realization, and you put a lot of energy to achieve it. It feels like a fire in my stomach, and also kind of a rigidity, which is interesting by the way. I'm not saying you're a rigid person, but there's something rigid about this energy. I will come back to this after having spoken about the other side of this polarity.

On the other side therefore, with the Star arcana, I can feel an existential fear. It would be like:

What is the meaning of my life? Why am I on this earth? What if there was no sense at all? What if my own existence had no meaning? You are still looking for your place in this world...

And when something goes wrong, related to your life goals and what you have put in place, I am pretty sure you can experience deep feelings of emptiness, or not belonging.

This explains the "rigidity" of which I spoke. When you are connected to your desire for achievement, you turn all your energy, with determination, towards this goal. And in these phases, if things go as planned, you feel powerful. But if there are blockages, you can enter into abysses of doubt. It seems that you also need to be boosted regularly in order for this impulse to not run out of steam.

It wouldn't surprise me if sometimes you would stop and wonder if this is actually really good for you, or really worth it. Is not it?

And this is where the arcana of the World comes to provide an answer.

It comes to remind you of your truth: Your essence is not physical but spiritual.

You are not really in this body; you are vibration, immensity, pure and infinite light. And in this space you are "power". There is no more need of doing. You can just be.

And your heart, inside your body, vibrates when it remembers this forgotten reality. Is not it?

This is the tarot message this month for you. Your inner peace, your endless serenity, your freedom, will pass through the connection to your spiritual being. This does not take your professional and social accomplishment away during this incarnation. Just keep in mind that your true happiness does not come from there...


Second reading, the blue stick

Foreword: There was a similar reading last month, which also contained La Maison Dieu and La Justice. If you chose those two readings twice in a row, the last paragraph applies particularly to you. You will have to bring a movement into your life, because as The Justice card teaches us, we always have in a situation, our share of responsibilities, and the power to bring change. This is what being sovereign is.

So, the idea would be to walk or run… knowing where you are heading to!

Because right now, there seems to be a thousand things in your life at once, and you're juggling, doing pirouettes to be on all fronts. I have the impression of seeing this circus act of Chinese plates, where the plates spin very quickly and must be kept in balance. Your pressure is going up, and you know that you can't relax without risking a breakage.

We agree, it can't go on like this...

First, you will have to focus your energy, and then in a second step, work on what will bring you your sovereignty back.

The second card, The Chariot, shows us here that this intensity of action IS and HAS TO be.

It's here, and it will stay a little longer. Unfortunately, it cannot be erased with a magic wand, so you will have to continue with most of the tasks that you are already managing.

I would think that for majority of you, the logistical tasks are what overwhelm you and create this emotional tsunami. The mix of professional life and daily obligations.

And if above of this, you are trying to develop yourself on a personal level, and have space for you (which obviously must always be interrupted or even canceled), it becomes unbearable, filling you with discouragement and frustration .

The Chariot card gives us some advice here: this month is not the time to discover and put in place the strategies that will allow you to finally breathe in the end.

Over the next few weeks, it will be about feeling that the energy you give corresponds to that which you are able to produce. And if that means letting go of any consideration of personal fulfillment, to only focus on "the tasks at hand" then that's ok! Your personal projects will wait a bit and that's fine. You are not a superhero or a superheroine. This is about preserving yourself as much as possible.

Accept that reality is as it is. Let your frustration slide. It does help nor change anything, and rather worsens your situation. Just give yourself a break.

You cannot save someone from drowning if yourself are panicking (except here the drowned person is you). On the other hand, by swimming in a focused way, concentrating on the objective of reaching the shore, you can succeed in your rescue. It is only after then that our drowned person will be able to catch his breath and get back on his feet on solid ground.

Did you follow me?

And it is with the last card of Justice that you will feel that you are on this shore again. The Justice stand here in her power. Her mind is enlightened and determined. She knows on the one hand that she must look at what is her share of responsibility, but also that she will have to give her verdict: "some things will have to be cut, eliminated, while others will have to be better distributed, to find balance". If you feel that you are someone who takes on too many things without knowing how to say stop, or if you have simply not learned to set your limits, or even to know them, you will have to take action. And here I am talking about a personal action, by and for yourself. It certainly has to do with the role, the place you have always occupied in your family or in this world. And it is not enough for you to be aware of it. It will also be necessary to work on it to release it.


Third reading, the totem

You are in an introspective period, which can last for several weeks. Your energy is turned inward, towards personal development, and you may even be on an open spiritual quest.

You have established a deep connection with yourself, and are searching. This means that you are exploring and therefore know that you have not yet obtained all the answers.

It will move. Imagine a piece of sea ice breaking off, and you're on it as it drifts, or a piece of the earth's plate during tectonic movement.

It stirs around you, it scrolls, it flows, and yet you still have a stable ground under your feet. And despite the changes, you manage to stay upright, you stay stable. At this point, it is impossible to say what will happen next. Will this piece of sea ice find a shore to wash up on, or will it drift endlessly?

You know nothing about it, and yet you keep your course and your faith. This tells us all about the personal journey you have already taken. You now know how to maintain your inner peace despite the uncertainties.

Of course, you sometimes panic, have anxieties, but you now have enough self-knowledge to come back to the center, and perhaps you even surrender to a force greater than you.

We then come to the arcana XVIII, the magnificent Moon of the tarot which is here in its full potential. There is a sense of fullness here. You have understood that letting yourself be carried away by the movement of life is what brings the most security. You have experienced in your flesh that trusting your intuition takes you further than when you let your intellect drive it. Your piece of ice has found firm and solid ground on which to moor, you were right to have faith.

It invites you to fully embrace this system of thought: The more confidently I surrender to the streams of life, for I have realized that a force greater than myself is really in control, the more I expand, the more I find peace, the more distance I can take from things and events.

The moon in its full potential is infinite and limitless...

Like you.

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