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May's tarot reading

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Mira la foto y elige la piedra o figurita que más te hable.

Haga clic en la flecha a la derecha de la foto para descubrir la tirada correspondiente a su elección, luego desplácese hacia abajo en la página para encontrar su interpretación.

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First reading, the green aventurine

In this reading, we have three numbers in ascending order. This shows us that the road you are on is running its course as it should, and that the maps can be interpreted in their full potential.

Something calms down on the material side. Things have fallen into place, possibly on a professional and/or economic level, and a feeling of security is settling in. There is something concrete, anchored, and reassuring.

Equanimous peace is a great and beautiful quest, but sometimes feeling serene on a material level is already a first source of peace, and that is what I feel here.

Thanks to this security, there is a new way coming. You will reconnect with the desire to take care of yourself, to give yourself time for this, to awaken your consciousness.

There is sunshine entering the heart, and like a memory of : "Hmm, yes, this is what I feel when I get my head out of the water to find meaning in my life".

There is the desire to be in the action, in connection with your well-being, both physical, mental and emotional. Perhaps you will start yoga or meditation again, buy books or listen to inspirational podcasts. Perhaps you will make an appointment to release this blockage, this tension of which you have been aware for some time; maybe we will meet for a tarot or a constellation ;-), what do I know…

The answer is within you.

But the energy and the desire are beautiful and there.

You will do it, this joyous step towards you…

And how sweet it will be, how deep it will be, this meditation course, this massage… this time simply offered to oneself…

The Arcana of the Hanged Man feels like a deserved and savored getaway.

Enjoy it, recharge yourself internally. These moments are precious, because even if they always present themselves regularly in our life, they are also often threatened by external events.

So enjoy this delicious connection with yourself, with what uplifts you and gives meaning to your existence.


Second reading : the star

The key to this draw is the Devil card. And I consider you lucky if you chose this option, because he came here in his most charming light.

I was just beginning to relate to the Justice card, and soon felt the drawing power of the Devil, who seemed to call me with great humor. I had a smile on my face and wanted to laugh without being able to explain it.

What an attraction!

You'll see...

So in the first Justice card, I can feel a bit rigid energy. I feel a concentration of thoughts and energy towards success. Professional, romantic or family success… (or all at once?). You seem to have set goals for yourself which, even if they do not vibrate as negative, are still very demanding.

And this is where the Devil enters the dance, like a snake enchanted by the flute. He moves his hand in a sensual invitation to join him.

It comes to remind you of the importance of the present, that we forget when we desire the future too much. It brings you back into your body, offers you a frenzied tango that leaves you bewitched, and invites you to let go for a moment of these obligations that you have created for yourself. What if there was ONLY the present? What if the future didn't exist? What would you do?

The Devil would accept every opportunity to enjoy life.

What if tonight, tomorrow, you would dance for 5 minutes?

How about finishing 30 minutes early to treat yourself to some relaxation?

What if, what if...

What if you become wilder, more "I don't care", more liberated?

Put a little spice in your daily life, it will give it back to you, you will see.

And you can start off on a better footing. You will reconnect with your objectives, but this time they will be carried by this fire of life which burns in your bowels, and no longer be only guided by your mind. Let this wild, instinctive part make decisions for you. She's a wiser guide than you think.


Third reading, the silicified wood

This draw is exciting! It must be read as a triangle, as in the photo, and then it makes more sense. The Empress and the Emperor, a prestigious tarot couple, seem ready to merge, to come together to give the best version of themselves : a powerful and capable energy, which perfectly unites our feminine and masculine parts, receptive and active.

But, (because there is a but), the Hangman has come to interfere between them. It indicates that something must be reflected, made aware, then integrated, so that this alchemy can be done.

If you chose this draw, I think you should resonate with either of these options:

1: You are currently developing a project.

2: You are questioning your relationship.

Refer to either of the options below to discover its message.

Option 1:

When I connect with the Empress, I feel her furious desire to join the Emperor, and her annoyance at noticing the presence of the Hanged Man in her path. She feels capable, she feels powerful, she feels creative. Her dreams carry her.

And when I connect with the Emperor, I find an energy here that anchors, that brings my feet back to earth. The Emperor invites you to take one step at a time - no matter how small - but to take real and concrete action. If you are too much in the vibration of the Empress here, it is possible that you spend more time dreaming up your project than actually building it, while having a great desire for it to go very quickly. Or you throw yourself into big actions, with lots of momentum, but you don't necessarily go all the way. You have lots of ideas, energy to spare, your desire is infectious. You are a good salesperson for your project...

But now we have to stop talking, scattering and rolling up our sleeves. With a plan, concrete objectives, deadlines and regular evaluations of your progress.

And that's where the Hanged Man comes in. He comes to talk to us about time. The right time. The time we leave, the time we give ourselves, the time we take advantage of.

Refocus, calm your mind, face your fears if there are any.

Don't get frustrated if it doesn't move fast enough. Do not focus on the result but just like the turtle in La Fontaine's fable, move forward with confidence, courage and determination. And your imperial couple will merge to give the best of themselves. Your project has all the potential to take off.

Option 2:

It's quite simple here. We have a couple that has a lot of potential, with two people who have found each other, but who need to take some time to think about their relationship.

At best, we invite you to give yourself some time, real time, to work together concretely on your couple, with a great mutual receptivity towards the other, what he or she feels, what he or she is going through. Each one turning inwards when it is right, and opening up to deep discussions together at other chosen times.

And if that doesn't work, or if it's impossible, a break is the wiser option. The thinking will be done each on his own, the time will be given to oneself, to take stock, to remember who we are as an individual, and what couple do we form. Hit or miss. But don't forget that the Empress and the Emperor are a great tarot couple. If they have to be together, they'll get through it. Have the courage during this break to observe if this couple still works.

The tarot does not reveal the futur to us here. He just shows us the right way.

I also don't want to give a fixed interpretation because each relationship deserves more than an external reading to talk about it. But yes, deep reflection is necessary here.

And if you recognize yourself in this reading, but you need more clarity, we can do some tarot questions together. I can imagine a difficult phase to live through. Do not remain in this state, ask for help and care.

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